Erectile Dysfunction: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Erectile dysfunction (ED) which is more known as impotence is the inability of man to have an erection or a prolonged erection before or during sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction is said to be a medical condition suffered by men. This medical condition usually affects older men, but it can affect men of any age. To treat erectile dysfunction, there are numerous erectile dysfunction drugs available in the market but not all those who suffer from it take medications.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

An erection involve the central nervous system, the peripheral nervous system, psychological and stress-related factors, local factors with the erection bodies or the penis itself, as well as hormonal and vascular (blood flow or circulation) components.

The penile portion of the progression leading to an erection represents only a single component of a very complicated and complex process.

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

The symptoms are common. When the man is getting occupied in sexual activities, there is no or partial erection of the penis. The male organ is not incapable to retain the blood in its chamber and so there will be no fuller and firmer penis.

The penis does not stand without delay and as a result of that the man is not able to perform sexual act. On the other hand, his sexual partner also loses the pleasure and interest in sex.

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

A good approach to the treatment of erectile dysfunction whose origin lies in psychological effects is to use any psychotherapy technique which reduces anxiety around sex, relationships or intimacy.

It is needed for a man’s partner to help with the treatment techniques, which involve gradually increasing levels of intimacy and sexual inspiration.

Get Rid of Erectile Dysfunction with Home Remedies:

1. You should take fiber wealthy diet particularly water-soluble fiber (fruits and vegetables) as fiber flushes the toxin from the body and too the sign in the arteries (the cause of poor circulation).

2. Combine one part walnuts and one fraction honey. Get the combine three times a day 30 minutes after meal. You have to swallow milk correct after. The action is for 1 month. It is one of the ordinary home remedies for erectile dysfunction.

3. Live a pressure free life and sense tranquil. The effectual habits to get physically unwind are – stop smoking, eat fewer carbohydrates, every day exercise for 30 notes and say no to caffeine.

4. Ashwagandha is another helpful herb that increases power, energy, and sexual function. It is herbal tonics that recover erection as healthy as general health.

5. Vitamin A deficiency has been a reason of erectile dysfunction in several men. Eat foods wealthy in vitamin A. You can too take vitamin A extra for better erection.

6. Zinc is a valuable mineral useful in boosting sexual wish and staying power. Whenever a person sufferers from zinc lack, they are extra prone to sexual dysfunction. You should be supplementing 15-30 mg of zinc per day next to with a copper extra.

Herbal Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

Dynamol Cream is a natural remedy to help cure erectile dysfunction and to improve sexual performance.

Shilajit Gold is a potent aphrodisiac for men which restores sexual vigour, vitality and stamina. It is a powerful sex stimulant and improves sexual health and treats impotence. Its key ingredients, Shilajit, Kesar and Gold powder / Swarna Bhasma rejuvenate the body, enhance male libido and increase sexual potency.

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