Erectile Dysfunction In Fat Guys

If you’re fat, some sort of erectile dysfunction problem is more than likely. If you’re fat and taking some sort of drugs for your erectile dysfunction then you’re lazy and kind of wasting your time.

I’m trying to wake you up because there is so much you can do that will help wake up your pecker, naturally, which will obliterate any perception that you need Viagra or any other drug, injection, vacuum, nasal spray, whatever else.

If you don’t believe this then, like I said, you’re being lazy and actually not realizing the reality of your situation.

The Simplicity Of Diet And Exercise On Erectile Dysfunction

Your body won’t be reaping the rewards, so to speak, of any erectile dysfunction drugs you take because it’s just not functioning at its optimal level. Just like when you eat some healthy food…

In turn, your body keeps feeling hungry so you eat more, and more, and more. And it’s usually more crap that makes you even fatter.

At this point, you and your body feel heavy and lethargic so any sort of exercise becomes less and less likely.

It’s a cycle that feeds off itself. All you are left with is a limp penis that seems to have retired.

Bring Your Penis Out Of Retirement

Your penis hasn’t retired! It’s just not getting the blood-flow stimulus and internal directives from you to respond in the way you’d like.

Take sexual intercourse, for example:
At the base level, it’s a physical activity that increases your heart-rate and requires you to be able to support your own body-weight (unless you’re resigned to lying on your back while your partner tries to make something happen because you’re fat & lazy).

So, aside from sex, if you’re not doing regular activities that involve you supporting your own body-weight, carrying relatively heavy things, and/or raising your heart-rate, how the heck do you expect to be able to perform when you’re in the sack?

How do you expect your body to cope with the physical act let alone fuel your penis with the necessary blood-flow to get and stay hard?

The Erectile Dysfunction Devil Is In The Details

Excess fat cells are surrounded by a huge number of blood vessels which draws blood away from centers of vitality, like the penis and its ability to get erect. If your blood-sugar levels are too high, your body will reduce the production of Nitric Oxide, a chemical messenger found in 3rd link of the Erection Chain-of-Command. Without this messenger, a literal link in the chain, your penis just isn’t getting the commands it needs engorge with blood and stay hard.

The tragedy is that most guys who would benefit from eating healthier foods and doing some exercise are fed crappy information.

The information is crappy because it’s either not true, like eating bread & grains is healthy, or it’s too much information, like a cumbersome diet where you practically have to get a degree to understand it, or the information is ineffectual or just not the best out there, like spending hours at the gym.

Erectile Dysfunction… At The Very Least

Granted, the least you can start doing is going for a walk for 30 minutes. And I don’t mean strolling. It’s a brisk walk with no phone, i-Pod or any listening device so you can focus on your breathing and become aware of your body as much as you can.

Make sure you drink enough water beforehand so you don’t have to carry a water bottle (or anything else) in your hand and, afterward, you have 2 or 3 bananas ready to munch down within 10 minutes of finishing.

Again, this is the very least you can do.

I understand even this might be a stretch because of time/motivation/excuses. So it would be a good idea to buy a pedometer. It’s a little thing you attach to your clothing or put in your pocket which counts your steps. You can look on Amazon or eBay.

What you’ll find is because you know how many steps you’ve taken by the end of the day, the next day something in you is keen to match the same amount of steps or to beat it!

In Conclusion

If you start doing this then more direct and accelerated changes to release erectile dysfunction will quickly and easily seem possible.

Believe me, it is possible.

What you want to look for is a diet that is simple and easy to follow, not to mention one that lets you start to notice very specifically how it affects your libido and erections. And you want exercises you can do…

… anywhere… anytime… that take less than 10 minutes to perform.

More importantly, you want what you do to relieve pressure from the muscles that control your penis so they can function properly to help you regain & maintain a natural erection. This will allow you to re-train your internal response to your libido so your erections can continue to fire, naturally.

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